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    Seeking The E-Tickets from Gumball Rally

    I have burned with envy since seeing your team t-shirts that Saturday. Where did you get them done? I have an occasion for which we're making custom tees and I would love to steal your font. It looked like Dodgers lettering and I loved the way it looked on your Dodger blue shirts. I've looked on Zazzle and I can't find it.

    If you're willing, would you pretty please let me know where you made your shirts? If any of you know the E-Tickets, would you pass this along? Many thanks!

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    Re: Seeking The E-Tickets from Gumball Rally

    thank you for the appreciation for our shirts. i actually work for a special division of sport chalet, and we do custom shirts and jerseys for people but only in team quantity which would be 12 or more. if you are still interested you can call the place @ (818) 781-4000. it is located in van nuys. so just give a call if you want. and we do anything on the shirt that you want just as long as you can provide the art work.


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