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    Conspiracy theory Disney...

    Ok I can see that the accident at DCA was just that an accident but there is that strange happenings at WDW. I canít seem to swallow that these kids had prior heart conditions all around the same time, unknowingly and go to WDW and die or end up in critical condition at Celebration hospital.

    Here is my theory, I have a theory that there is a persons or person, possibly a CM at WDW that may select and poison or somehow infect these children. If they can map out each place that these kids have visited and the CM's they have come into contact with (which may be impossible) then just maybe they would see some fowl play.

    Again this is only a theory and just that! Not fact!

    But coincidence to have 3 children and to all have come down with this serious heart condition is just too suspicious.

    What are your serious thoughts and dont pin it on the Witch with the apple...
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    Re: Conspiracy theory Disney...

    Seriously? I think this is one of the stranger conspiracy theories I've ever come across.

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    Re: Conspiracy theory Disney...

    I like Einstein's theory better. Hmmmm.

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.

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    Re: Conspiracy theory Disney...

    A conspiracy requires some level of achievement that must be attained, if entertaining your theory, where is this claim. What victory would TDA have with these kids getting sick, or rather induce symptoms of unknown hear conditions?

    Conspiracy theory, I think not, just merely coincidence. I am more inclined to believe these heart conditions are due to some theory related to too much fast food not enough exercise, or hereditary, than WDW.'s been a long time.

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