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    My four month anniversary at MC

    It was four month ago today, while researching information for our upcoming Disneyland excursion, I stumbled upon this great site.

    What a wonderful four months it's been! Mice Chat is undoubtedly the VERY BEST messageboard I've ever had the honor to participate, you are all very kind, helpful, respectful and knowledgable folks with and definate affection for all things Disney and Disneyland. It's a pleasure to hang out here with you all. I've learned quite a lot since joining. Also in the last five months, I've developed a very nice myspace page with my homage to Disney and Disneyland, my family and my love for music. Had a wonderful Christmas season and an outstanding trip recently to Disneyland with my loved-ones.

    Thanks MC! You are AWESOME!!!

    "We believed in our idea - a family park where parents and children could have fun- together."

    -Walt Disney

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    Re: My four month anniversary at MC

    Happy anniversary. Glad you enjoy it here.

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