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    Remembering some famous cast alumni

    I was looking for a thread about former Disney theme parks (DL, WDW, TDL, DLP, HKDL) who have gone on to fame and fortune. Somehow, I can't find it, but I figured to start a new one with five people.

    Wayne Brady worked as Tigger and as a host at WDW. Also an WDW cast alumae is the imfamous Katherine Harris, who before helping rig the 2000 presidential election to give the win to Adolph Bush Jeb's brother, as she worked as Snow White. I think she was better off as the Evil Queen IMHO.

    Both Alyson Reed (Ms. Darbus in HSM) and Michelle Phiffer (sp?) at one time worked as Alice in Wonderland at Disneyland, Ms. Reed as a walkabout and Michelle in the MSEP.

    And the former Mrs. Kevin Costner worked as Snow White at Disneyland.

    Have you found any others that were CMs before they were famous? Please list them.

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    Re: Remembering some famous cast alumni

    we all know about Steve and the Magic Shop.

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