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    Re: Fishbulb and Dusty's adventures in wine country

    A trip with the ladies, and all that wine. You are very lucky boys . . . sounds like heaven!

    Wonderful photos, FB! Rixter and I have to make that trip one of these years.
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    Re: Fishbulb and Dusty's adventures in wine country

    Sorry for taking so long in posting this last little bit. It's been a busy few days.

    Alright. Back to the story.....

    Tuesday Morning. It was time to go home. We got up got packed and then walked across the street to the coffee shop. I ordered my usual and sipped my medium coffee while thinking about the trip.

    This trip was something else. When I first started drinking wines all I really liked were whites. Fantasy55 and WidowBessler opened my eyes to what I was missing by exposing me to GOOD wines. Not necessarily expensive wine, but good wines as price doesn't dictate quality. They taught me that in wines you aren't wrong but if you like it then it's good wine.

    Well, our ladies, WiddowBessler and Fantasy55 now took us on a trip to the heart of the California wine country. I learned so much on this trip about where the wine comes from, how it's grown, where it's grown and how taste is effected. I learned about the consistent characteristics of the different varietals (grapes) as well as the different ways the flavors can change.

    This was a wonderful trip. But before leaving we were to make one final stop.

    We packed into the rental van and headed south out of Sonoma into Napa.

    See you later Sonoma Valley Inn

    through the northern tip of Napa

    Dusty, WiddowBessler and Fantasy55 at Domaine Carneros.

    We arrived at the French inspired estate of Domaine Carneros. This vineyard is known for it's Sparkling wine and Pinot wines both Grigio (White) and Noir (red).

    We made our way up to the overlook and took a seat for a tasting. While Dusty, WiddowBessler and Fantasy55 chose a flight of Sparkling wines I selected a Pinot Noir. I still can't wrap my head around Sparkling wines.


    My Pinot Noir

    We were given almonds

    another fountain

    We finished up at Domiane Carneros and made our way back down the grapevine. This was a trip I would not soon forget. If I get the chance I would jump at going again. The Spring in Wine country is beautiful but I am told that Autumn is even more stunning.

    Dusty and I both had just the most wonderful time and we owe it to our wonderful ladies who took us around and showed us the spots making this a leisurely, carefree trip. Simply magic.

    THE END!!!
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    Re: Fishbulb and Dusty's adventures in wine country

    Great TR Fishy!

    You definitely should get back up there during "The Crush". It's so cool to be around when they are bottling (to make room for the new wine) and crushing at the same time. If the trip is made mid-week instead of a weekend it's even better. There are less crowds and you get to see the whole process at work.

    I smell a road trip coming on...
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    Re: Fishbulb and Dusty's adventures in wine country

    Fun TR. You got closer and closer to Duck44's hometown. Domaine Carneros is about 15-20 minute drive.

    Your report may inspire me to call some friends and torture our liver for the day.
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    Re: Fishbulb and Dusty's adventures in wine country

    Quote Originally Posted by Circarama View Post
    I smell a road trip coming on...
    I must recommend air freshener.

    Great Trip Report!

    Loved it to the last drop!
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