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    Re: Personal phone calls at work

    I work in public safety, and we have busy and slow times, but personal calls are not really a problem. If it gets in the way of work, that is a problem, but as mentioned, there are other ways to not work, thanks to Al Gore inventing the internet. I find it easiest not to worry/care about other people and what they are doing, it is just not worth my energy.

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    Re: Personal phone calls at work

    I leave very early in the morning - so wife is not awake when I leave the gym and head to work, I call her and say good morning. Then I call at lunch and then call when I'm leaving work..........

    If I get a call from my wife while I am in the office, then I take it - but usually no one else unless unless unless I am expecting a call from someone.........

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    Re: Personal phone calls at work

    At my job personal calls are only a problem to me when they cause my workload to increase because my coworker isn't pulling their fair share. It used to be much more of a problem when the store needed two people to close every night. Now 5 out of 7 nights I close the store alone anyway so coworkers aren't a concern.

    Personally I don't like to take calls at work, and some customers have complained to me that they don't like it when they come into the store and the "girls are always talking on their cellphones" The manager probably isn't too sympathetic to these complaints as she is also always on her cellphone.(or cuts out the phone company and just has her boyfriend sit in the store with her)

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