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    Need costume help

    Some friends of mine are getting married on halloween. the best part is, the event is being described more as a "Halloween party where a wedding might break out." lol... My fiance and I are still trying to figure out our costumes. The problem is, she has a clear idea of what she wants and can't find a source for it. I know that there are those amongst us here on the boards who are good with this kind of stuff so I thought I'd throw this out there and see if anyone has any ideas. She basically wants a dress similar to what Drew Barrymore wore in the film Ever After. It doesn't have to be an exact replica, but something in that style. We've done some searching on line but with very limited results. I would also need to find something to match her (I have some bits and peices that I've collected at Med Faires over the years, but no full outfit).

    I would appreciate any input or advice!

    *note: we are in Florida, so keep that in mind when suggesting potential resources.

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    Re: Need costume help

    Maybe a drama school would let you rent a costume or a college. I know our college around here used to rent out costumes. Or you could go to a wedding shop to ask if they have any names of someone who makes dresses from that era. Maybe ebay might have something. Hope you find what you are looking for. Good Luck!


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    Re: Need costume help

    i would make sure you got some pics of that dress from the movie. I'd try e-bay, on-line, bridal salons, etc. That's a tough item to find since I'm sure it was a one of a kind. Did you check to see if the movie credits the costume designer at all? Maybe if you could track down who made the dress???

    I'd also look for someone who makes clothing. You could buy the stuff to make it and have them put it together for you.

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    Re: Need costume help

    It's fairly renaissance-y if I remember correctly. Should be easy enough to rent somewhere.

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