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    Looking Back At old Post from Alt.disney.disneyland

    Remember way back in the ancient days, in the late 1990's when newsgroups were THE thing, and alt.disney.disneyland was the site for Disneyland fans?

    I'm just looking at some of these old posts, and getting a kick out of what I wrote almost 10 years ago.

    one of the topics from September 1998, Someone else wrote and said:
    "Pooh Ride official, so long Bear Jamboree"
    First post said:
    "A friend of mine who still works on the Bear playhouse emailed me and said DL
    has officially stated a Pooh dark ride will replace the Bear playhouse. That
    is all I know, he's pretty reliable, and I'll post more info as I get it from
    him. "
    I responded:
    Skyway!!!!! Subs!!!!!!! BEARS!!!!!!!!!
    Where will this madness end?!?!?!?
    I don't want want bear to go bye-bye.
    Pooh can go somewhere else!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want the orignal CBJ show to come
    back. "
    A little further down the thread Al responds:
    "DscveryBay wrote

    > the [Pooh] playground has been
    > scrapped..the Pooh ride is going in.
    > But the technology is awesome.

    I *don't* think this is such a bad idea. The bears had their day - and
    unless WDW shuts down their bear attraction, it will remain running there -
    with the added bonus of having the original show.

    What I wish for is that if Pressler gets his way with something like this,
    he would be more prone to understand why other things should NOT get the ax.

    But wishing for anything under this regime is just not a productive thing.
    Think of your fragile wish being met by the cold hard sledgehammer of his
    *vision* of the park.
    Al Lutz --"
    I love that quote of Al's! And to put this into the proper time frame, the TL '98 had just opened , with it's numerous problems with Rocket Rods. Subs were just Closed.

    Al was certainly right about "Wishing for anything under this regime is just not a productive thing." ACKKKKKK and we had to deal with that regime for another SEVEN LONG YEARS, not to Mention the disaster that ensued with Pooh, the continued falling apart of the NEW TL'98, and the designing on the cheap and building on the cheap new gate, which was still about 2 and a half years away, from opening. Wow! Yeah, It's bizarre looking back 10 years, and seeing the results. WOW!

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    Re: Looking Back At old Post from Alt.disney.disneyland

    OMG. ...and before Newsgroups was dial-up BBS.

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane. I had forgotten about alt.disney.disneyland.

    I am Sambo, and I endorse this signature.


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