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    Re: Running out of fuel

    The last time I ran out of gas was close to 10 years ago. I was in Huntington Beach right at Main Street and it just gave up on me, and believe it or not, at first i didn't know what was wrong with my car! I called my stepdad, who came from Anaheim only to look at the car, tell me, "It's out of gas." and took me to the gas station for a gas can.
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    Re: Running out of fuel

    Never have with our personal cars.

    I was with teammate of mine from my racing days and his gas gauge went out on the way home, so we had no idea how much we had left.

    Sure thing we ran out and had to break open one of our water bottles to carry a little gas.
    We walked down to the local station about two miles up the road. Luckily the gas station allowed us to fill up the "container" we had.
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    Re: Running out of fuel

    I've never run out of gas. I grew up in the Midwest, where you fill up at half tank, especially in the winter. Not to mention gas stations close, so better make sure you have gas. I've kept the habit, though lately I let it get to 1/4 tank. I nearly panic if the little light comes on.
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