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    Robert Mondavi has passed away

    BERKELEY, Calif. - Robert Mondavi, the pioneering vintner who helped put California wine country on the map, died at his Napa Valley home Friday. He was 94. Mondavi died peacefully at his home in Yountville, Robert Mondavi Winery spokeswoman Mia Malm said.

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    Re: Robert Mondavi has passed away

    The wine drinkers of the world owe Mr. Mondavi a lot as he was a major reason Napa Valley is what it is today if not the the major reason.

    I have always been partial to the Mondavi winery as Robert Mondavi was born in Virginia, Minnesota which is my dad's hometown in Northern Minnesota.

    Robert, I thank you as a wine drinker and may you rest in peace.

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    Re: Robert Mondavi has passed away

    Lived to 94. Died peacefully. Was and will always be a legend in the Wine world. Sounds like a great life to me. Salud, Mr. Mondavi!

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    Re: Robert Mondavi has passed away

    That makes me sad, he and Margrit were regulars at the theatre I worked at in Yountville. They were always so nice, and they were our most esteemed patrons as the executive producer of our theatre company would personally wheel Bob into the theatre.
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