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    Re: Vote for MiceChat/MiceAge for the Disney Links Web Awards

    I have cast my 5 stars!

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    Re: Vote for MiceChat/MiceAge for the Disney Links Web Awards

    Ooooooooh! This thread reminds me of something........there were a few people we met on the cruise who know about Miceage and Al Lutz. When we told people we knew him personally , they were like "Wow! What's he like?!"
    Then we made up all kinds of wild stories about him!

    Just kidding Al! We told them the truth about you.....that you're a mellow , easy going guy who if you ever have the chance to eat lunch with at Rancho del Zocalos might just share his cinnamon crispas with you!

    (And right after that , we challenged one of the guys who was asking about Al to a dog paddling contest in the pool and tried to set him up on a date with Katrina. LOL So I think we gave a good impression of Micechat as a fun and friendly group of folks in real life!)

    I'll definitely go cast my votes right now!
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