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    Need some DSLR lens advice

    I am looking for some help/advice from some of the folks here who use DSLR's to take those great dark ride photos that I yearn to be able to take someday.

    I have a Canon 300D, and the stock lens. I know the lens has it's limitations, and I would like to upgrade of course. What can y'all teach me about a good lens that would work to take these pics? I have looked online, and have yet to find a page on taking indoor pics at disneyland on dark rides

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    Re: Need some DSLR lens advice

    Get a f1.8 or better yet an f1.4 or below to take the best low light pictures. The shorter amount of time your shutter stays open, the less blur. This has the problem then of less light which requires a higher ISO. That in turn can generate more noise.

    It's all about trade-offs, and the lens can be the key factor.

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