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    Besides Remember and Fantasmic, what other events will you wait hours for?

    Disneyland has two very big draws. One is the great show Fantasmic. The other is their new fireworks, Remember. People will stake out spots, hours ahead of time and sit and wait. These events are not long, themselves, but well worth the long waits.

    This weekend in Chicago, we have our Air and Water Show. It is performed over the shores of Lake Michigan. They say it draws millions of people to our lakefront. People arrive very early, in the morning, with their picnic food, their children and friends, and make a day of it. It is a real lesson in patience. It's funny, because when you first arrive, you are busy swimming and having a good time, that you don't look around. By the time the planes start flying over, for the show, it is amazing how many people have arrived. I have gone many times. It is a grand spectacular day at the Beach. Not for anyone who doesn't like crowds. I don't presume to be very knowledgeable about the actual aircraft, but I love the manuvers, the parachuters, even the roar of the planes, that can make you put your fingers in your ears at times.
    The draw of course is usually the ending. This year it is the Thunderbirds. The Air part of the show begins at 11 am, and it will be near 4 pm, by the time the THunderbirds fly. They do the show on Saturday, and then they repeat it on Sunday. What I like about it, is you do not have to stay in one spot. In my walking years, I have begun my watching at Navy Pier, and walked the show, right down to Diversey Harbor. Fun and excercise all at the same time. The usual rules apply. Bring sunscreen and water.

    So what events in your life, do you wait patiently for, because they are well worth the wait? This time Disneyland events, need not apply.

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    Re: Besides Remember and Fantasmic, what other events will you wait hours for?

    First, I would never wait hours for Fantasmic.

    I would wait hours for a concert. And I have. I have (warning, crazy fangirl moment ahead) slept outside in the cold and rain on the street just to see a musician I like on talk show. I've done almost the same to get tickets and to get into shows. Concerts are worth that to me.
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    Re: Besides Remember and Fantasmic, what other events will you wait hours for?

    An Olympic event. Waited for 3 hours prior to the biathalon event to start in 2002. It was totally worth getting wet in the snow too (and I'm not even kidding, its an incredible event to watch live and in person). I think I waited over 2 hours from 7am to 9am prior to the ladies luge event in 1988. I have no problem whatsoever waiting for an Olympic event.

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    Re: Besides Remember and Fantasmic, what other events will you wait hours for?

    Back in 2002 I waited 7 hours to get Playoff tickets for the Angels. Overnight for World Series tickets, also.

    And I shall do the same this year.

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    Re: Besides Remember and Fantasmic, what other events will you wait hours for?

    Overnight lines for concert tickets in the pre-internet era were quite common with my group. I miss those all night parties!
    We have the same sort of sea and airshow up here in Seattle, but we get the Blue Angels and Hydroplane boat races. That's worth waiting many hours for; like you, we arrive early in the day and stay until the end. It's just not the same watching it on TV.

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