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    Partying with your Pooch

    So does your dog feel left out during Superbowl? Everyone pounding down beers but ole Fido gets none. Well now there is beer for your dog:

    Here's the article on an AZ news stations site about the beer:

    Here's the company's actual website:

    I thought the doggie cookie stores in the malls were taking it a little to far. Now this, what do you guys think?

    Bow wow wow, hic........
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    Re: Partying with your Pooch

    I admit I have bought my Princess Gracie some of those doggie ice-creams in the past. But she is not in any way a beer guzzling dog. She is a lady of highstanding so maybe if they came out with a nice wine for her

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    Re: Partying with your Pooch

    Well, at least while they're up getting you one, they can get one for themselves.
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