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    Things That ARE Still Here (SoCal)

    Great list of things that are gone, O'Nut.

    It made me sad and mad and then I made a list of great things that ARE still here.

    DISNEYLAND(a little known hang out)

    The GREATEST chicken and fries:

    Great Mexican food:

    Juniors Deli:

    See's Candy:

    Dr. Hogly Wogly's BBQ:

    Farmer's Market:

    Hollywood Bowl:

    Tam O'Shanter Inn:

    Movie stills, posters, lobby cards:

    Little three car ferry between Balboa Island and Balboa Penninsula:

    Nate and Al's Deli:

    Totally camp entertainment:

    And Johnnie's Pastrami in Culver City (no web address)

    Please add more, I know I didn't even scratch the surface.
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    Re: Things That ARE Still Here (SoCal)

    KB toys
    the Small balboa park in San diego (I love looking at the park on the way out of the zoo)
    Penguins(favorite yougurt shop)
    theres alot of stuff thats still around but too many to list lol
    the OC Zoo (very small Zoo feat. mostly North American Animals)

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    Re: Things That ARE Still Here (SoCal)

    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyFan28 View Post
    Penguins(favorite yougurt shop)
    I thought they went out of business in the early 90s.
    ​Pinkamena Diane Pie, is that you?

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    Re: Things That ARE Still Here (SoCal)

    Quote Originally Posted by Son Gohan View Post
    I thought they went out of business in the early 90s.
    I was the manager of Penguins on Ventura nad Reseda back in the 80's. In 1990 the parent went bankrupt, but I know of 3 that are still around and independently owned; Natiional in West LA, Olympic in Century City, and State street in Santa Barbara.

    Another thing still around, Cal Worthington Ford.
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