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    I am having trouble and i need anyones help. im reaching out to you guys.

    I am a student at the Culinary Institute of America in NY. I now live in Napa Valley for an externship at a restaurant. I love making people happy and cooking food, but I don't feel whole here. I feel like I am missing something. A possible career change?? Lately ive been thinking of possible working for disney and it's imagineers. I want to create and make people happy and see their reactions. I feel disney is a place for for me that can definitely help me with this. I know just by starting at the bottom I can work my way up. I feel I have a lot more potential and right now I don't feel liek im growing, i am learning but not growing. Someone please help me or give me an idea on how I could get in contact with disney and work with an imagineer or what is the first step to becoming one, and one of many people who make other peoples dreams come true by always taking a walk in walt's footsteps...

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    Re: I am having trouble and i need anyones help. im reaching out to you guys.

    Well, Imagineering is tough to get into, or so I'm told. (Not that I'm any less determined to land a job there... ) People get into it via all sorts of avenues, but I get the impression that a lot of them make it in after they've already spent some time honing their skills at whatever they do. I believe they also offer scattered internship positions, but I'm not sure about that and I don't know who to contact.

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    Re: I am having trouble and i need anyones help. im reaching out to you guys.


    A lot of good info can be found in this thread.
    How to Become an Imagineer

    I just wanted to add though that it seems to me that you are experiencing a very common thing that many college students do to feel unsure of your career path as you begin to venture out into the real world. I think you should do some very deep soul searching before you decide to abandon something that you've obviously already put a lot of effort into. Getting a job in imagineering will require many years of study and development of knowledge and skills that will take years and intense dedication. It's not something that you can just jump right into easily and you will need to be professionally trained and extremely proficient in a discipline like engineering, architecture, art, screen writing or something along those lines. To me it kind of sounds like you're panicking and like I said, I think you need to seriously decide what you want to do.
    The Mickey audience is not made up of people; it has no racial, national, political, religious or social differences or affiliations; the Mickey audience is made up of parts of people, of that deathless, precious, ageless, absolutely primitive remnant of something in every world-wracked human being which makes us play with children’s toys and laugh without self-consciousness at silly things, and sing in bathtubs, and dream and believe that our babies are uniquely beautiful. You know…the Mickey in us.
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    Re: I am having trouble and i need anyones help. im reaching out to you guys.

    What I would do personally is finish the culinary training and education, get a few years experience so that if the imagineering thing doesn't work out, you at least got somewhere to fall back on. Don't just finish something half way and think you're done because you don't want to. It's not very professional to do that either. :P of course Disney is all about professionalism not to mention it would look really good on your resume to show that you finished your training and have experience in this, as well as whatever you would apply for.

    I've been told, "Don't try to become an imagineer, try to be the best in your field." I totally agree with that. Disney only hires the best of the best, that's why there's such quality (despite what some might say) in everything they do. You'll likely have to do any and all classes on whatever you want to do. Whether it be engineering new ride systems, set building, show writer, set artist, or whatev. you'll also need at least 5 years or so of in the field experience to show yourself and others how well you have mastered your field.

    Also, imagiNATIONS
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    Re: I am having trouble and i need anyones help. im reaching out to you guys.

    I have a friend who's father was offered a head culinary position in Disneyland Paris.
    If you still love cooking... the mouse needs chefs too!

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