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    Re: Kids and Chores?

    nothing wrong with being organized. There is not enough room to describe that train wreck that is my mother. You should go with what works, but my mother's system did not work for us.
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    Re: Kids and Chores?

    The 14 year old enjoys squalor and prefers to mow lawns and wash cars for his cash.

    Whatever. I just want them to know how to wash a load of laundry, properly clean a toilet and clear the table after dinner.

    My 10 year old has to do the catbox, the toliet in their bathroom, empty garbages in the laundry room and their bathroom and unload the dishwasher to make his $$ He does good on everything but the catbox, that's an ongoing battle.

    My 6 year old puts away pots and pans & all other non dishwasher dishes, unloads the dryer on the the folding area (either couch or bed)and puts the folded towels away.

    They are both in charge of their own rooms doesn't go over well and their own laundry. I fold they put away. This summer the little one has started putting his clothes on hangers, he's got shirts down, pants not so much. The big one refills the cat water and the little one the cat food.

    The big one lost his allowance this summer for basically being a smart mouthy spoiled butt. This was in July and he hasn't gotten a dime since. The little one does great on his chores but bad on his room so he usually gets half his allowance.

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    Re: Kids and Chores?

    I have to be the biggest push over Mom in the world!


    Kat's chores at the present the cat box...and ...well..yeah that's about it!

    Bailey takes out the trash!

    Just this week, I spent 3-4 hours on each of their rooms, reorganizing, cleaning, etc. Making them pretty perfect! And then again today, I went back thru and re-cleaned while they were out with John.

    Of course, this summer when they wanted money for Sea World, they had no problem doing chores.

    Apparently I need to teach Bailey to scrub toilets. He's old enough!

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    Re: Kids and Chores?

    My philosophy is that when I work, we all work. I make up a list and let the kids choose the ones they want. They never want to do dishes, so I take that one. Anyway, we work and get the house clean, then we play. No allowance paid, but they are learning family values. It works for our family. Maybe give it a try.

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