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    Each and every day in our lives, we make choices. Beginning in the morning. We choose to ignore the alarm, and snooze a bit more or jump out of bed and happily start our day. We choose our breakfast food. We choose what to wear. We choose to answer or not answer the phone, when it rings. We choose sport teams to root for. Names for our children and our pets. We choose to clean, or not clean our houses. We choose our friends, and our significant others. We choose hobbies and books and music. We choose the places we go on vacation to, and who we will go with. Occupations are chosen as well as schools. Here at MiceChat we can choose what to read and what not to read. Choices. Life is just one choice after another. Some of them a little easier than others.
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    Re: Choices

    I kind of hate choices. Not the little ones, those are OK. But the big ones? AHH! Stress! I always worry whether I'm making the right choice.
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    Re: Choices

    I love choices- that means I have control. I hate it when there is only one way to go. Bleh.

    I chose not to hit the gym this morning and did 45 minutes of Dance, Dance, Revolution instead followed by 10 minutes of weights.

    I chose to open the cookie dough this morning. I chose to drink water instead of soda, in part to make up for the cookie dough.

    I generally choose to fix my typing mistakes as soon as I see them, rather than going back at the end. A typing mistake really screws with my train of thought.

    This morning my dogs chose to be quiet which gets them fed earlier. I'm not sure they've made this connection.

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