I get mad at myself, when I burn the muffins.

I make muffins for my husband to take to work almost every day. He shares. Nothing fancy, just the Jiffy mixes. The ones you now only add water or milk to. I just put a triple batch in the oven that's 24. My grandson is coming over, so there is some for him. He likes the chocolate chip ones. I set the oven timer for 14 minutes. They are usually perfect. This morning I burned the bottoms. I won't throw them out. Since there are so many, I think they can pick off the burnt bottoms. I just get mad at myself, when things like that happen. I smelled them cooking, and I suspected, they were getting done too quickly and I should have checked them, before the timer went off. I get mad at myself when I burn the muffins.

What do you get mad at yourself about?

Finish this sentence - I get mad at myself, when I