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    Anyone have an invite for a torrent site?

    I hate to be a pest but does anyone happen to have available invites for any private torrent sites? I had a problem with my broadband a while back and my torrentleech account lapsed.

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    Re: Anyone have an invite for a torrent site?

    Not sure about any private sites. The only torrent site I've ever dealt with is (Deleted by Moderator).
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    Re: Anyone have an invite for a torrent site?

    This type of discussion is not allowed on MiceChat because it most often involves the downloading of copyrighted materials. Our policy, from our FAQ is provided below.

    Thread Closed.

    When you post information, an image, video or audio file from another source, make sure you are not posting content that is copyrighted. Such materials being shared and distributed without the consent of the person who owns the copyrights to the item in question is not allowed.
    Thank you for helping to make MiceChat a safe and fun place for everyone!

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