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    The Future Knocks Again - New York Times, 7/13/08

    TO get to the front door of the Elias family, the inhabitants of the new Dream Home at Disneyland, you must step onto a revolving walkway and glide past Tom Morrow, a Nathan Lane-voiced robot with a face like a machine-age Arcimboldo and a brush cut of stiff copper-colored wire. Tom’s body is an exposed skeleton of hydraulics, wires and transistors, and his one concession to modesty, a clear plastic lab coat, adds an unwittingly pornographic grace note. His signature song, “There’s a Great Big World of Innoventions” — audible no matter where in the home you may venture — will play dozens of times during your stay, and will run through your head with a Manchurian Candidate tenacity long after you leave.
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    Re: The Future Knocks Again - New York Times, 7/13/08

    Be sure to check out the Magic Mirror in the daughter's bedroom in the Disneyland Dream Home inside Innovations. I haven't seen it working, but this mirror houses images of all articles of clothing in the daughter's closet. The clothing will layer over any person's body who stands in front of the mirror and when you turn 360 degrees, the clothing clings and moves with you! Amazing! I wish every clothing store dressing room had one!

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