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    Quote Originally Posted by Mousekiteer
    Oh, jeeze, did it have to be CG though? I would've been fairly fine with the concept but CG? Ugh. Look how Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas turned out! So, you're telling me we're gonna see the poor quality of cheap animation in theaters while using an un-necessary prequel?
    Give me a break, Eisner.
    I'm just curious why everyone automatically says it's gonna look awful. Yes, they have done some bad stuff in the past. And maybe I'm just overly optimistic, but doesn't it really seem like jumping the gun to say they're gonna do a bad job before they even start? I mean, for all we know, they could be making changes in the way they animate something CG and this one will look better. It just seems to me like we should actually wait and see what it actually looks like before we start calling it poor quality.
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    I liked Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas! I don't think that this pre-quel ties in with the Disney-ish version of Peter Pan, but rather just a pre-quel to the novel version. I think it could be cool, computer animation is making a lot of progress, I liked The Polar Express a lot. I really think it's all up to the story though. A good story is good regardless of the medium it's told through!

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    Seems ironic that it would be CG. You meet peter pan as a CG character in the prequal, but he and his friends just suddenly magicly turn into regularly animated characters in the sequals. Disney, please don't do this.
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