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    Disney has posted a trailer for its new documentary Earth. This is part of Disney's brand new nature company. The trailer looks incredibly promising if only for the fact of an amazing soundtrack. Check it out here on youtube:
    The video is also posted on Disneynature's website under "Upcoming Films."
    I personally think these films could be the start of a new era in nature documentaries. What are your thoughts?
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    Re: DisneyNature

    Quote Originally Posted by drumbum67 View Post
    The trailer looks incredibly promising if only for the fact of an amazing soundtrack.
    My take on the trailer is that I've seen it all before; from the BBC production of the "Planet Earth" series. Seeing as Disney is working in conjuction with the BBC on this, I'm wondering just what they are bringing to the table? Is Disney just taking the same footage and re-arranging it into a new story? Every piece of footage in the trailer was taken from "Planet Earth."

    Since this film is still over 7 months away from release perhaps this was a teaser trailer using extant footage in place of footage yet to be completed.

    But yeah, the soundtrack sounds good.
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    Re: DisneyNature

    That trailer has been up on the website ever since it was launched so its not a new one. Earth isn't the first movie they are releasing. The first one is about Flamingos and I believe it's coming out in either November or December.

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