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    Your favoritest scene in a Disney movie scene in The Little Mermaid always gave me chills when I was younger.

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    Re: Your favoritest scene in a Disney movie

    When Nala and Simba first meet, unknowingly and roll down a hill fighting like when they were young. Then Nala pins Simba and they realize who they are.

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    Re: Your favoritest scene in a Disney movie

    Dumbo reunited with his mother while the song "Baby Mine" is playing. She is restrained and all we see is her trunk... every single movie's opening, a castle is flown over and I swoon....

    ...Lady and Tramp share a bowl of spagetti and, somehow, end up on the same strand...

    ...Mulan pulls her hair back to remind ShanYu who she truly is/the strands of "Be A Man" as the leads dress in women's clothing...

    ...In "Meet the Robinsons" when he figures out who the judges truly are...

    ...Tarzan and the leopard who killed his parents fight...

    ...when Jessie remembers her history in Toy Story 2 and the song begins...

    ...Sebastian begins to sing, "Under the Sea"...

    ...when Beast, dying, looks at Belle and states, simply, "you came back..."...

    ...when the UFOs attack in Chicken Little...

    ...The final battle in the Incredibles...

    Pinnochio becomes a real boy....and we hear, When You Wish Upon a Star.

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