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    Pixar releases RenderMan Pro Server 14.0

    Pixar Releases RenderMan Pro Server 14.0

    August 12, 2008

    Pixar Animation Studios has announced full details of the latest version of its Academy Award-winning RenderMan Pro Server software to mark the occasion of RenderMan's 20th anniversary.

    RenderMan Pro Server 14.0 introduces significant performance enhancements including accelerated ray-tracing, faster processing of large polygon datasets, optimized hair performance, faster AOV's, and enhanced threading scalability. New core features that facilitate the development of custom tools include a re-rendering mode for accelerated interactive shading and lighting, a new SDK for easy linking, a Python binding for simplified integration, user-defined structures in the RenderMan shading language, (RSL 2.0) an API for reading brick maps, and a new format for point clouds.

    RenderMan Pro Server 14.0 also offers full compatibility with 64-bit Windows Vista desktop and 64-bit Windows HPC Server 2008, increasing the choice of available render-farm pipeline configurations. RenderMan Pro Server 14.0 will ship in the fall of 2008.

    The product of 20 years of continuous research, development, and production usage, RenderMan with its singular focus on high performance photo-realistic imagery has played a pivotal role in the ongoing revolution in cinematic special effects and animation. Pixar's family of RenderMan products is currently the most comprehensive, dependable, and production tested rendering solution available.

    "What began as an interesting artistic exercise is now an indispensable tool," said George Lucas. "It's notable that 20 years after putting its first pixels on the screen, RenderMan remains the benchmark for all rendering technology."

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    Re: Pixar releases RenderMan Pro Server 14.0

    Those "other options" are Mac OS X & Linux ;-)

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    Re: Pixar releases RenderMan Pro Server 14.0

    Certainly not Mac OS since there'd be no market for it and the support and maintenance of it too costly. Linux would mean it would be buggy and not secure.

    Windows Vista 64-bit was a very good call for them because of performance.

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