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    More iPhone Woes

    i (Phone) Vey!!

    By C. W. Oberleitner
    August 19, 2008

    If you thought our man in Hollywood had a hard time buying his new Apple iPhone 3G, wait until you hear what he has to say about “the joys of being an iPhone 3G victim...ah, owner!”

    Read the full story here >>

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    Re: More iPhone Woes

    Sorry to hear about your story, but I appreciate you sharing your story. As a Handspring/Palm device owner for many years, some of my friends were surprised that I didn't pick up an iPhone already. I knew I didn't wanna feel like a guinea pig and deal with all the bugs that usually happen with the first generation. I know you're on the second generation unit now, but your story just gives me more satisfaction with my decision. There's also the fact that I'm on Sprint and that I love Palm OS. One day, tho', I'll be an iPhone owner I'm sure.

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