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    Disney. Apple Resist Digital Download Tech

    Just about all of the major Hollywood studios and others in the entertainment industry have united for the creation of the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), with the exception of Apple, and Walt Disney Co.
    The new plan, known as DECE, plans to change digital downloads forever. The plan is to change the digital rights management set-up (DRM).
    This would allow users to have an unlimited number of copies of whatever digital download they buy.
    They can burn it to a disc as many times as they want, stream it, etc.
    The plan would be to allow the digital downloads to work on any software, any device, etc.
    Major Hollywood studios have joined the plan including Fox Entertainment Group, NBC Universal, Paramount Pictures, Sony, and Warner Bros. have joined up with retailers and other big tech giants.
    They have teamed with Best Buy, Microsoft, Toshiva, and others. This would bring digital downloads to the masses, and make it far easier.
    Source: All But Apple, Disney Unite For Digital Download Plan : ChattahBox

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    Re: Disney. Apple Resist Digital Download Tech

    Good luck, this sounds like attempt #678,568 to do what Apple is already doing. And all it is so far is vaporware. I bet they will have little or nothing ready to launch at CES, much less any hardware that can run it.
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    Re: Disney. Apple Resist Digital Download Tech

    The thing with this is Disney has been the best studio out there for digital copies. Sure they haven't done many, but they seem to be all universal and play on all the major devices out on the market. Unlike some studios, where it wouldn't play on some, and only work on others.

    Now, hopefully with all the other companies joining together, we get a basic standard for digital copies, so I don't have to worry- will it play on my Mac? could I use it on my ipod? How much space will it take? all that fun stuff.

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