Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus:
Best of Both Worlds Concert in 3D
takes Judges' prize

09.15.08, 12:18 PM ET

Sunday night's lively IBC awards celebration marked out just how broad IBC's appeal really is, with honours going to projects as diverse as a teen singing sensation and multi-platform content distribution; a simple idea to save studio lighting bills and a system to bring 16 times the resolution of HD to our screens.

In a year when 3D stereoscopic display is a main talking point at IBC the top award in the IBC Innovation Awards, the Judges prize, went to Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert, the remarkable movie that broke a fistful of records when it opened earlier this year.

The IBC Innovation Awards celebrate excellence in technology, but more than that they reward the application of the technology. These are not engineering awards, but honour complete solutions that meet a real commercial, creative or operational need. The prize goes to the user of the solution.

There are three categories in the innovation awards: for content creation, content management and content delivery. The Hannah Montana movie also won the content creation award for the stereoscopic post production workflow created by Los Angeles post house FotoKem Film & Video, based on technology from Quantel including its Pablo 3D and Genetic Engineering. It allowed FotoKem to meet the requirements of its client, Walt Disney Pictures, to complete the movie in an incredibly short timeframe.

"It was pure serendipity when Walt Disney Pictures presented us with this project," said John Nicolard, head of digital production at FotoKem. "The requirements exactly complemented the technical capabilities we had only recently incorporated into our pipeline using Quantel's 3D technology. The opportunity to work on a project with this magnitude of technical challenge was a deeply satisfying experience."
Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert in 3D takes Judges' prize - Forbes.com