Didn't know where else to put this....

But I was thinking about Hannah Montana and the Jonas Bros and wondering where the idea came to start grooming rat kids and promoting them like Disney seems to be doing lately...

Yeah, I know, Annette Funicello. But not like this.

I feel like, for a certain amount of time, Disney was involved in other stuff in a less hands-on way. They didn't "create" musical acts to promote, they just choose what was out there and "endorsed" it. Like the New Kids on the Block did a special at MGM in 1991, Tiffany did a thing in 1989, I think. Of course, after the MMC was gone, they still did specials once in a while with Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and such. What happened?

Is it the fact that a lot of musical acts today are jsut not great and trying to get attention by basically being anti-Disney in the sense of sexing it up? Did they realize there is more money for them if it's ALL through them? If they pick the kids and "groom" them in some fashion?

Cuz really, I'm tired of these kids. Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, the only HSM kid that doesn't make me wanna rip my hair out is Zac Efron (and that's cuz I saw Hairspray before I saw HSM). I mean, and it's not like these kids adhere to being Disney-ish like Annette did, and that bothers me. Why do they seem to feel the need to buck the authority they agreed to? No, I know, not all of them, but what's the deal? And Disney's not gonna fire them when they even remotely screw up because they make them money. Isn't that against the idea of family entertainment? To show that there are no consequences to your actions as long as you're a cash cow?

Just a philisophical/ethical argument I guess.