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    HSM 3 soundtrack - Disappointing album sales?

    Many of you might not care about High School Musical, but I still think this is an interesting discussion.

    The "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" soundtrack sold 297,000 copies in it's first week. That's a pretty good number considering the state of the music industry right now, but it pales in comparison to HSM 2's first week sales of 615,000 just a year ago.

    There has been a lot of hype around HSM 3 and the film has performed very well so far in theaters, so I'm curious as to why the soundtrack sales aren't more robust. Even on iTunes, it's the #5 album currently, whereas the HSM 1 and HSM 2 albums were at the top for weeks, if I remember correctly.

    Perhaps given the current economy, parents just aren't willing to spend $15-$20 on discretionary items like music albums for their kids. Then again, that didn't stop them from taking their kids to see the movie in theaters.

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    Re: HSM 3 soundtrack - Disappointing album sales?

    Either you see the movie or you buy the soundtrack.

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    Re: HSM 3 soundtrack - Disappointing album sales?

    I used Pepsi Points to download the entire soundtrack from and burned it to a CD myself.

    I did buy the HSM 2 soundtrack on the day it was released.
    It's actually "Cars Land", not "Carsland".

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