Leave it to Disney to revolutionize theater entertainment at sea.
USA TODAY has learned the entertainment giant is about to unveil the cruise industry's first 3-D theaters, to debut next Friday on the Disney Wonder and Dec. 6 on the Disney Magic.
Disney Digital 3-D, as the company is calling its proprietary technology, is being installed in two theaters on each of the 1,754-passenger vessels and will allow for the showing of the first 3-D movies at sea. But Disney has even grander plans for the technology.
Starting in early 2009 the company will pull off another first with the debut of a once-per-cruise theatrical extravaganza that combines 3-D movie projection with in-theatre special effects. Tridimensional images will combine with lasers, fog, streamers and lighting effects to create an immersive experience.
“With Disney Digital 3-D we can provide extraordinary cinematic experiences for our guests that no other cruise line can offer,” notes Tom McAlpin, president of Disney Cruise Line.
The 3-D theaters will be used to offer passengers exclusive viewings of first-run Disney films the same week they roll out in theaters on land. Indeed, Disney is timing next week's launch of the 3-D technology on the Wonder to coincide with the debut of its much-awaited new 3-D animated Disney film Bolt (John Travolta; Miley Cyrus).
The company plans a special midnight screening of Bolt on the Disney Wonder as the calendar turns from Nov. 20 to Nov. 21 -- the day the movie debuts in theaters on land. Characters from the movie will be in attendance.
Source: USA Today