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    Blu-Ray movie deals

    How about a place to post deals on Blu-Ray discs.

    I'll start...

    As of 11/20 - Best Buy has Kung Foo Panda 2 disc Blu-Ray for $19.99. We bought the 2 disc DVD for $15.99 the week before when the BR was $26.99.

    They also have a bunch of Disney Blu-Ray for $19.99 or 2 for $34.99. All 3 Pirates, Cars and Ratatouille were the ones I saw right off the bat.

    Target had the Iron Man BR for $19.99. I need to go back and get that one.
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    Re: Blu-Ray movie deals

    Target actually had Kung Fu Panda, Indy 4, and Iron Man for $19.00 this week for their sale.

    I believe it's more a promotion with Paramount movies, as all those titles and others (transformers for example) are all $19.99 on Target undercut by only a buck, but if you count tax, amazon is the way to go unless you want it right away.

    Also on Amazon, it was either Ratatouille or Cars that was marked down to only $17.99 blu-ray.

    Good thread... make sure you include blu-ray players too!

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