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    Re: Batman killed off in next issue?

    That's a good article. I tried to keep up with R.I.P. but never got into Final Crisis as it was just another continuation of what the last weekly series about changing the DCU once again. All those alternate Earths was getting a bit confusing. I had no idea of that the heck was going on and didn't even think about Batman dying in any DCU at all. I guess I will either have to find back issues or wait for the Graphic Novel. I am getting the Detective Comics that are part of R.I.P. just to read.

    Now I know deep down inside that DC is not going to kill off their #2 character. I alsways thought of Batman as a better character than Superman anyway. I know that DC will bring Bruce Wayne back at some point. The fun is watching the way they are treating this "Death" now and how it is affecting so many other titles and changing things for two other Main Characters in the Batman Mythos. Robin and Nightwing. Both of whom have had their young lives revolve around The Dark Knight and how that has affected them. I find it very interesting and good reading. And the artwork in these issues is very good as well.

    So I guess we can all say The Dark Knight Is Dead, Long Live The Dark Knight, until the real one comes back, someday.
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    Re: Batman killed off in next issue?

    Lazarus Pit anyone?

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    Re: Batman killed off in next issue?

    Ok, the story is over and Final Crisis #7 came out. Batman is alive and well. He is stuck in prehistoric times right now, but I am sure that someday he will be back in the DC present.

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