Blu-ray is coming down in price all the time, it will be affordable very soon (it is for me now). Right now it is a niche market but that's a good thing. The small market recognizes the potential with the format and won't allow companies, including Disney to get away with craptacular releases which Disney has been doing mostly of late for the past few years. The effort for Blu makes sense as effort is the only way you'll make money off the format. What Disney has been wasting thier money on are idioctic pointless re-issues of stuff like Fox and the Hound and Sword in the Stone who's audio/video and bonus features quality are exactly as before but with money wasted on shinny slipcovers. That money could easily have been better spent on worthwhile bonus fetaures or prepping thier catalouge for future HD rlease but Disney was/is more content to blow thier dough on titles that no one really wants to buy in the first place. Apparently Disney has set up forums for the public to discuss thier titles officially and the main consesnus is parents don't care about bonus fetaures so long as the tykes are amused for 2 hrs. Another excuse for Disney to treat thier fans like crap.

Of course with evidence of a respectable editon of Pete's Dragon on the way mixed with possibilities for Hocus Pocus and Bedknobs and Broomsticks I might go easier on them, but you're goign to have to really impress me Disney.