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    ESPN Weekend Events and dates announced

    Walt Disney World's ESPN Weekend will be held next year from February 27th til March 1st, and it looks to be packed full of fun stuff.

    For information regarding the events , please go to ESPN The Weekend

    For information about the 5k marathon benefiting The V Foundation for Cancer Research, go to ESPN The Weekend 5K
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    Re: ESPN Weekend Events and dates announced

    Thanks for the link, Oogie.

    They've been running promos on the network for several weeks now.

    If I lived anywhere near, I'd love to take part in some of the activities.

    I'm surprised that they haven't done a West Coast version of this in the past, like the ABC soap and new series events they used to do at DCA.

    Maybe now that ESPN has a West Coast presence with its new LA digs, we might see that in the future.

    -- Barry
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    Re: ESPN Weekend Events and dates announced

    thanks for the link and Happy New Year!!!!! May this brings a lots of fun and happiness cheers!!!

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    Re: ESPN Weekend Events and dates announced

    I REALLY would love to do this one year.

    I remember they did some thing at Magic Mountain about (I want to say) 15 or 16 years ago. I got to meet Bob Golic of the Raiders and some other sports stars.

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    An hour near Walt Disney World! Go figure!

    Wink I'm Going There!

    I'm going to ESPN The Weekend this Friday - even though the crowds will be hokey. (A lot of people, mostly sports fans, will unlikely care for the rides, save for Toy Story Mania or whereabouts, because most websites claim they will be walk-ons, possibly at my second favorite attraction in the World, the Tower of Terror.) I decided to go there with Seasonal passes on hand because it is one of the two theme parks (besides Epcot) that offer veggie burgers and fish, since the day I'm going to falls on a Lent Friday, when Catholics like me have to abstain from meat!

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