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    No More Narnia Movies being made by Disney

    Well, for now anyways. I'm holding on to some hope that it will be made eventually. From www.spareoom.netI've waited on posting this because I really didn't want to ruin anyone's Christmas if I possibly could help it. But the holidays are now over, and it's time to face the facts. On Christmas Eve, we received the news that Disney had declined to produce anymore Narnia films, effectively ending the franchise. Walden Media still is committed to the series, and is currently shopping around for a new distributor, but it's still a crushing blow to the series, and to Narnia fans everywhere.What does this mean? Well, VodT is now on hold indefinitely. One can only hope that a new distributor will have faith in the series and decide to pick up VodT with the intention of not only completing that film, but making the remaining three, but one can only sit back and wait. With the way the economy is, it's not very promising. If Disney, one of the biggest powerhouses in the entertainment industry does not have enough faith to finish what they started, who else will?Anyway, I will keep you all updated as I learn more. For now, nothing has changed as far as is concerned. Never fear, I am still dedicated to this site, and I hope to continue it indefinitely, whether any more Narnia films are made or not. Further up and further in,~ LisaWebmaster of

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    Re: No More Narnia Movies being made by Disney

    There's a thread on that topic here:

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