Article from The Australian- 9/13/05

Consumer activist sues HK Disneyland

A BEAMING Mickey Mouse wasn't enough to please a Hong Kong consumer activist, who is suing Disney's new theme park for nearly $HK1400 ($234) for poor crowd management.

Hung Wah-Fung filed the case in a small claims court on the resort's opening day yesterday, a judiciary spokeswoman said.

Mr Hung bought four tickets for his family to the park last week on a charity day when a capacity crowd of nearly 30,000 squeezed into the 126ha resort, causing long queues at rides and filling restaurants and cafes.

Some also complained of waits of up to three hours for rides and meals.

"I was shocked by the poor crowd management of the park," Hung was quoted as saying by the South China Morning Post.

"Visitors had to spend hours in the rain queuing for rides and food. It seems that the park only wants to squeeze as many people in ... as possible in order to make money," Mr Hung, who has visited Disneylands in Paris and Tokyo, said.

"The Government has invested $20 billion in the park and every cent of it is earned by taxpayers through hard work.

"However, instead of hospitality, they were treated like guinea pigs. This is intolerable," he said.

The case will be heard on November 9.