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    Exclamation Walt Disney News Articles

    Hey Fellow Mice Chaters!
    I'm doing a school project on Walt Disney, (who'da thunk it!) and so I need some old (meaing stuff from 1928-1968 or even earlier) newspaper or magazine articles talking about him in a positive or negative way. I rathet them be positive, it being Walt and all, but for the sylabus and all it should be negative.

    Anything you guys can find is great!!! All is Appreciated!!!

    The only bad news it that i need it tonight! :-)

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    Here are some great period articles about Walt and his work, all posted at vision section. These are not negative or positive critiques, but the real thing from the horse's mouth:

    I Live With a Genius by Lilly Disney (his wife)

    Unforgettable Walt Disney by Roy O. Disney (his brother)

    Showman of the World Speech by Walt Disney

    Deeds Rather Than Words by Walt Disney

    Foundations For the Disney Business (Walt Disney Productions)

    Growing Pains by Walt Disney

    Walt Disney Talks His Business Philosophy

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    Look for the book Walt Disney Hollywood's Dark Prince. It's very hard to find and talks about how Disney turned in some people to the Sen. McCarthy Red scare that had many people blackballed in Hollywood all because he didn't like the unions. Doesn't matter, Walt will always be Uncle Walt to me

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