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    Re: BRAND NEW Goblet of Fire trailer!!

    Quote Originally Posted by PeaJay18
    (And it bugs me the way Curan felt the need to change Hogwarts geography so much - why move Hagrid's hut and the Whomping willow?)
    I agree. Didn't he move the whole thing to Scotland? The hut just seemed so much more secluded and isolated.
    My fave movie so far is Chamber - Richard Harris rules as Dumbledore.
    Gambon doesn't quite fit the "pretending-to-be-slightly-eccentric-old-man-but-really-most-powerful-wizard-ever" vibe I get from the books and Harris' performance.
    I completely agree. Harris had that more all-knowing persona. He also seemed a lot happier and more Dumbledore-is-Harrys-Friend. I think Gambon did a good job, just not as good as Harris.
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    Re: BRAND NEW Goblet of Fire trailer!!

    The trailer is awesome! It's attached to Corpse Bride, the Warner Brothers people I saw seemed VERY happy with the audience reaction to it.
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