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    What would you do with $300 Million?

    Disney is reporting that they will lose $300 Million in their studio division. NOW THAT IS A LOT OF MONEY! I believe that Mission: Space cost $150 million. It seems that if they had spent that money on the Amusement park division that money would not be lost. (Unless they spent it on 50 Pooh rides!)

    What would you have spent that on? If the Amusement park division had lost that money, would they be closing parks?
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    Re: What would you do with $300 Million?

    Anyone can carve a puppet from a log, and make it dance. But only Gepetto could carve a puppet from a log, and give it life. It's the same with animation. Look at the difference between "Valiant" and anything Pixar created. Money can buy a lot of things, but it can't buy the magic that brought Pinocchio, and Woody for that matter, to life. Disney as a whole needs to recapture the magic that Walt had. They've sold out, and forgotten how to fly. They've gone to Pleasure Island and made jackasses of themselves. Who will be Disney's modern-day Blue Fairy? Who will save it from being swallowed by the Whale of mediocrity? No one knows for certain, but unless they come soon, we're all doomed.

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    Re: What would you do with $300 Million?

    i had this account to spend i"ll spend on a new ride with the Technology of Spiderman at IOA but with the Theme of Alien Encounter wich includes a lots of brand new special effects and i'll put it at the Disney MGM Studios at WDW .

    And then different other projects like Destroy and Rebuild the Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris as a Beautiful Studios Park .
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    Re: What would you do with $300 Million?

    That's because all their movies this past summer have been really lame.

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    Re: What would you do with $300 Million?

    Fast track that rumoured Incredibles indoor Robocoaster for DCA which from the sounds of it, would blow away Universal's Spiderman or anything else ever done before.
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