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The Walt Disney Studios' Distribution Arm Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Commits Content to Christie/AIX Deployment of DCI-Compliant Digital Projection Systems

The Walt Disney
Studios' distribution arm Buena Vista Pictures Distribution (BVPD) and Access
Integrated Technologies' (AccessIT) (Amex: AIX) Christie/AIX unit have entered
into a groundbreaking non-exclusive agreement to supply feature films from
Walt Disney Pictures and Touchstone Pictures to DCI-compliant digital
projection systems to be deployed by Christie/AIX. Christie/AIX will install
between 2,500 and 4,000 systems throughout the United States and Canada over
the next two years.

Just over one month ago, Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC (DCI), a joint
venture of Disney and other major studios, issued the final technical
specification for theatrical digital equipment. Christie/AIX's installation
plan marks the first mass deployment following the DCI specification's
release. The benefits of DCI compliance should be apparent to consumers as
the systems initially deployed by Christie/AIX will include DCI-compliant
compression, the state of the art in moving image projection which delivers
the highest-quality DLP Cinema (R) image to the movie screen. All systems
will be upgraded to full DCI compliance as soon as the hardware is available.
Disney is the first major studio to sign an agreement to provide content
for Christie/AIX digital systems. Recently, in an unprecedented move, Disney
led the film industry by introducing Disney Digital 3D(TM), using Christie DLP
Cinema projectors and Dolby servers. Audiences can enjoy this true
three-dimensional digital experience in movie theaters on November 4, 2005,
with the highly anticipated release of the Walt Disney animated film Chicken