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Thread: Kingdom Comics

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    Kingdom Comics

    Jim Hill has a new article today about the Kingdom Comics panel from NY Comic Con

    ( Jim Hilll : Kingdom Comics key creatives aren't ready to talk about Disney's graphic novels line. Not yet, anyway )

    Any ideas what the first novels will be based on. My guess is Blackbeard's Ghost, The Black Hole, or Dr. Syn.

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    Re: Kingdom Comics

    BlueskyDisney says Pete's Dragon is up first....

    Blue Sky Disney

    While not what I thought, an excellent choice!

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    Re: Kingdom Comics

    hey nice find thanks..
    just do what you think...

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    Re: Kingdom Comics

    I kinda felt Pete's Dragon had more story behind it. Comics seems like a good step. Probably rename it as "Elliot the Dragon". 1 or 2 issues has Elliot helping another child with their problems, once a solution comes up, Elliot flies to help another. Kinda like a imaginery friend type thing. Along the way, Elliot learns how to behave like how Pete was teaching the dragon what to do and not do.

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