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    The Princess and the Frog at WonderCon

    WonderCon: Quint has a brief report on a few tidbits from Disney's 2D animated THE PRINCESS & THE FROG! -- Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news.

    Then he said about 3 years ago John Lasseter came in and he said he felt like Helen Hunt in CASTAWAY when Lasseter wanted to bring back traditional animation. “I thought you were dead… I have a new wife. Her name is Maya.”

    The joke, of course, being that Maya is the name of the CG animation program.
    He also mentioned that Disney’s animation plan is to have a digital animation film out every 18 months and a traditional hand-drawn animation film out every 2 ˝ years.

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    Re: The Princess and the Frog at WonderCon

    18 months between every CGI movie and 30 months between each traditionally animated one? Why so long between them? Pixar manage to produce a quality product at the rate of one a year now.
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    Re: The Princess and the Frog at WonderCon

    They need to get their production team back to where it was/is with Pixar.

    Remember, Eisner pretty much KILLED Disney Animation. That's a lot of production team members to rehire.

    The reason why Pixar can release a new feature at the rate it has been right now is because they are working at three or four movies at once. That's three or four different production teams, possibly headed by Lasseter, Bird, Stanton, and Doctor respectfully.

    2.5 years between hand-drawn feature seems fair to me.

    I mean, it took Pixar three years between Toy Story and A Bug's Life.
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