Posted: Tue., Mar. 10, 2009, 4:35pm PT

Disney touts DreamWorks slate

Pepper announces end to 'golden coffin' policy


By Dade hayes

NEW YORK -- At Disney's annual shareholder meeting Tuesday, execs touted the conglom's DreamWorks-enhanced film slate while shareholders nixed three controversial corporate policy proposals.
Speaking before the floor was opened to questions, Iger acknowledged the economy is the worst seen "in our lifetimes" but expressed confidence in "our brands, our products and our people."

He said the company's strategic moves have enhanced content while keeping costs in check. "We continue to look for ways to adjust our cost base," he said.

Two examples he cited are the 2006 Pixar purchase -- a pricey pickup that's smarter, he said, when ancillary revenues and economies of scale are considered -- and the recent DreamWorks distribution deal.

Some raised eyebrows about DreamWorks a month ago given the Disney mantra of "fewer but better" films; the fact that non-Disney-branded live action had become all but extinct at the studio; plus the decidedly un-Disney-like fare has DreamWorks sometimes put out over the years.
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