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    Sad Missed Merchandiseing moments

    I was wondering about this the other day. Why do companies that put out big, expenseive movies sometimes just miss the boat on merchandising?

    Have you ever seen a movie that you wished you could have some toy, action figure or plush from. And nothing was ever produced? I have one that comes to mind, so here is my choice.

    "The Neverending Story" came out many years ago and was considered by many to be the best fantasy movie done up to that time. I would have loved to see a large plush "Falkar, The Luck Dragon" that you could place around your neck resting on your shoulders. The slogan for this large plush would be "Everyone Needs a Luck Dragon". I would have bought one in a minute.

    Any others you can think of?
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    Re: Missed Merchandiseing moments

    My oldest son loves this movie, he would've killed for a Falker!!

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    Re: Missed Merchandiseing moments

    OMG, I would LOVE a luck dragon! Then again, I would have adored the empress costume! (I always thought she was SOOOOO pretty!)

    How about a poster with the wolf on it? The way he looks when Atreyu is talking to him as the nothing approaches.

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