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    Re: Yamabuki Restaurant is closing

    I'm crushed to hear about Yamabuki. Even after the remodel, it was still one of my favorite places and a must during any visit. It was even the place that started me on sushi, and where I finally got the hang of chopsticks.

    I ate there earlier this month and did discuss the hours with our waitress. She said they were being observed and a decision on whether to change them would be made soon. I guess they just didn't pull in the numbers.

    I agree that part of the problem was location. With them closing, I can't see much of a reason to hit the Paradise Pier any more. Being a big sushi fan though, I disagree that they were over priced. Haven't eaten at my fair share of San Francisco venues, they were about par with the level of quality fish they were serving. Sure there are better prices for teriyaki chicken, but sushi wise, they were actually pretty good for what you got. Particularly the sashimi. I've been to places that charged nearly as much for simply the big three, whereas Yamabuki also includes octopus, white fish, albacore and scallop. They're the only place I've ever seen put scallop on the moriawase.

    I have so many great memories of the place. First and foremost was seeing a waitress book it down the hall in a restrictive kimono to catch the Forth of July fireworks. They've even told me how to make their salmon sashimi.

    Sad to have to say farewell to the best sushi out there. While they might not have the biggest veriety of rolls, they are still the place to beat for sashimi. I really hope Disney considers reopening them eventually. Especially now that there are NO eastern places in all the resort now.

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    Re: Yamabuki Restaurant is closing

    Mr. Pixie Chick will be bummed about this.

    Mellonballer, that is a good idea. I think it would be a good addition to DtD, although the prices were a bit high.

    I personally love PPH's atmosphere and style, but it is WAY out of the way. It's not somewhere we ever think to just go over to and hang out. I love staying there overnight, but they need a shuttle or something to make it more convenient for guests.

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