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    Walt Disney's Plan for a park in St. Louis

    I heard this a few times from people I know that live in St. Louis, and they talk about the Jefferson National Expansion, (where the Arch is), and I have been told that Walt Disney expressed some interest in making a park near the bottom of the arch in the 1960s or 1950s.. It wouldn't have been a Disneyland, but it was supposed to be a theme about the expansion westward, does anybody know anybody know any more about this?

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    Re: Walt Disney's Plan for a park in St. Louis

    My understanding is that Disney had planned on working with Anheuser-Busch on opening said park. But when the meeting was going on--Busch proposed a toast and how he couldn't wait to sell his beer there and since Disney wanted a dry park--the deal was off.

    The museum displays were then created somewhere in Cali, I believe. Besides, I think Disney wanted his park to be opened year round and St. Louis wasn't an option anyways.

    This is the place to ask this question, that's for sure. It's early in the morning here, so I could be wrong--I'm doing this off the top of my head--but I believe it was when Disneyland was in the planning phases when this happened, not after the Arch was completed.

    Good luck on your info quest.

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    Re: Walt Disney's Plan for a park in St. Louis

    I too have seen this park mentioned before. Apparently this is when Marc Davic first began work on his legendary Western River Expedition.

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