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    Talk Radio...Yes, The AM Stations!

    Do you listen to talk radio? I'm a semi-frequent to frequent listener of KFI-AM 640, a big so-cal AM radio station. They have some good programs, and are the carriers of Coast to Coast AM, one of my favorite talk shows.

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    Re: Talk Radio...Yes, The AM Stations!

    I have quite a few I listen to in the SoCal area...

    For News, KNX 1070 and KFWB 980, and in the morning, KOGO 600 in San Diego

    For Talk, usually KOGO 600 from 9AM to 6 PM, and then switch to KFI from 6PM to 10PM. (Not a Dr. Laura fan.)

    Sports, the Mighty 1090, XTRA 570, sometimes ESPN 710 and 800.

    Sometimes, I will get KFBK 1530 from Sacramento depending on the reception (surprisingly good at night in the SoCal area).

    Many of the stations are available to listen to online for free, just find the websites for KOGO, KFI, KNX and KFWB, plus others.
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    Re: Talk Radio...Yes, The AM Stations!

    I tend to listen to talk radio in the mornings or early afternoon. After that, I prefer music. When I do listen it is usually Air America in the morning, Stephanie Miller and Al Franken. I generally don't listen to AA much past noon though. Some of the hosts in the afternoon and evening are even a bit too left for my tastes. Occasionally, I will listen to Sean Hannity and Larry Elder to get the opposite perspective but Hannity can be challenging on the blood pressure.
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    Re: Talk Radio...Yes, The AM Stations!

    ORDDU: Well, the absolute BEST radio talk show in the entire UNIVERSE has to be Coast to Coast AM with George Noorey--formely Art Bell was the host. But this program has all manner of guests who talk about everything from alien abductions to government conspiracy theories. The host is what really makes the program. He is very polite and gives callers and guests a chance to express themselves without making them feel stupid whenever they disagree with him on a topic. Moreover, the show is very educational--if somewhat frightening at times. But it's one of the top rated radio programs around. The only problem with it is that it comes on so late in the evening--while most ducklings out there are asleep. But, sometimes, the programs are re-broadcast at earlier times as a replay.

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