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    Eisner's parting words to Hollywood: "Don't panic" - Reuters, 9/27/05

    In his parting words to a gathering of Hollywood executives on Tuesday, Walt Disney Co Chief Executive Michael Eisner told an industry facing major technological change: don't panic.

    "Don't panic over the latest techno jargon like ... peer-to-peer, wi-max, 80211, bittorrent ... the only thing that gives purpose to all these remarkable delivery systems is the kind of creative content we all produce," Eisner said.

    The chief mouseketeer faces his final day at Disney this Friday when he steps down after 21 years at the helm. Starting in 1984, he took a troubled company that had a few U.S. theme parks and a movie studio and turned it into a media giant with global theme parks, television networks and film operations.

    In an address to the Hollywood Radio and Television Society, Eisner detailed a laundry list of technology changes from talking films to television to videocassette tapes that Hollywood has faced and, ultimately, used to its advantage.
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    Re: Eisner's parting words to Hollywood: "Don't panic" - Reuters, 9/27/05

    Heh... he must have heard that having "Don't Panic!" in nice friendly letters on the cover increases sales...

    Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...

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