HANNspree Launches Exciting New Line of Disney and Disney/Pixar-Themed LCD Televisions
9/27/05 - HANNspree California

New York – September 27, 2005 – HANNspree California, Inc., creator of a brand new category of design-driven, lifestyle-inspired LCD televisions, announced today the launch of an exciting new line of LCD television sets inspired by beloved Disney characters and films. The line offers seven styles, including models featuring Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, 102 Dalmatians, and Cinderella. The televisions are currently available at HANNspree boutique stores, DisneyShopping.com, The Disney Store and Disney theme parks.

About the complete line of Disney and Disney/Pixar-themed televisions styles:

· Chic featuring Mickey Mouse (SRP: $549.99): Prominently features Mickey and his familiar colors, combining the unique contrast of a smooth-finish front cover and a rubber-textured back panel and stand.
· Retro Radio featuring Mickey Mouse (SRP: $499.99): Harkens back to classic Disney days, with an art deco-inspired design and a combination of metallic and wood-textured materials.
· Coach featuring Cinderella (SRP: $549.99): Inspired by the classic fairy tale, features a fantastical and romantic coach-shaped design, with sturdy crystal wheels and delicate curved lines. Soft clean colors are highlighted by graphics of Cinderella with delicately painted birds on the front; on the back of the set, she’s depicted with her prince for a happy ever after!
· Doggy featuring 102 Dalmatians (SRP: $549.99): Inspired by the beloved Disney film 102 Dalmatians. A bone shaped TV set is covered in spots front and back, it even has a bone-shaped stand. The soft texture gives it the warm feel of Doggy’s body.
· Helmet featuring Buzz Lightyear (SRP: $549.99): Captures the adventure of Toy Story with an adjustable visor that swings up and down to Buzz’s green-tipped boots, which functions as a stand.
· Smile featuring Winnie the Pooh (SRP: $499.99): Depicts Pooh’s smiling face on the front cover. And not only does the cover act as the TV stand, when closed, it resembles a child’s lunchbox making it easy to carry.
· Picnic featuring Winnie the Pooh (SRP: $499.99): Captures the warm, relaxed and happy spirit of Pooh enjoying a picnic, featuring a cloth-textured finish and soft-blue and green roaming plaid. The front bezel features an image of Winnie the Pooh trying to capture a butterfly in his net.
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